Workshop Protection of Future Power Systems


21 Feb 2018




TU Delft

The workshop Protection of Future Power Systems – “Challenges of the Future!” will be held on February 21, 2018 at the Science centre, TU Delft in The Netherlands. The rapid increase of distribution generation, photovoltaics and electric vehicles in power systems makes the power supply, power demand and possible disturbances like fault current levels and overload very unpredictable. By deploying more renewables, power systems of the future face major changes. An important question is, how the system of the future can be monitored, controlled and protected against sever disturbances.

Experts from European utilities, manufacturers and academia will convey their currently available experience, Related to wide area monitoring protection and control and the evolution of the protection in distribution and transmission grids; as well as the latest experience in developing system integrated protection schemes and enabling digital substations of the future.

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